Top 10 Braces Questions and Answers

MAY 17, 2024

Do you wish you had straighter teeth? Has your dentist recommended braces for you or your child? If you’re considering braces for any reason, you probably have some questions. If you’ve never had braces before, you may not know what to expect. Here are 10 of the most common questions and answers about braces, tailored to your needs at Napoli Orthodontics.

1. Are braces necessary or cosmetic?

Braces serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. They straighten your teeth and improve your smile while correcting the placement of teeth to ensure proper chewing and preventing damage or decay due to misalignment. The beautiful smile you’ll have at the end is a fantastic bonus!

2. How long do you need to wear braces?

The average length of time in braces ranges from 1 to 3 years, depending on the extent of the adjustments needed. At Napoli Orthodontics, we’ll provide a personalized treatment plan and give you a better idea of the expected duration of your treatment.

3. What’s the best age to get braces?

There’s no single best age for braces. Children, teens, and adults can all benefit. Early intervention orthodontics can start as early as 7 years old, but actual braces are typically recommended after age 10.

4. Are there less visible options for braces?

Yes, clear ceramic braces are an option for those concerned about appearance but who still want the benefits of traditional braces over plastic aligners. While slightly less durable than metal braces, they are still very effective.

5. Are braces painful?

It’s normal to feel some soreness for the first few days after getting your braces. Over-the-counter pain relievers like ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) can help manage this. Minor discomfort may also occur after each adjustment, but it’s generally manageable.

6. How do you brush and floss with braces?

Brushing with braces requires extra care to remove food from around the brackets. An electric toothbrush can help. For flossing, you can use floss threaders to get between each tooth or consider using a water flosser.

7. Are there foods you can’t eat while wearing braces?

Certain foods should be avoided to prevent issues with braces. Popcorn kernels, ice, and hard or sticky candies can damage braces. Apples should be sliced before eating.

8. How much do braces cost?

The cost of braces varies depending on the treatment plan. At Napoli Orthodontics, we provide a detailed cost estimate after your initial consultation.

9. Will dental/medical insurance cover braces?

Some dental insurance plans include orthodontic coverage or offer add-on options. Typically, they cover part of the cost. We also offer financing options like CareCredit to make braces more affordable.

10. What happens after your braces are removed?

Once your teeth and bite are properly aligned, we’ll remove your braces and provide a retainer. Initially, you’ll need to wear the retainer full-time (except when eating and brushing), then just at night. It’s recommended to continue wearing your retainer nightly to maintain your smile.

Still Have More Questions?

If you have additional questions about braces, contact Napoli Orthodontics at (772) 287-3999. We’ll answer as many questions as we can over the phone and recommend scheduling a free consultation to learn more. After an initial evaluation, we can provide more accurate details about the length of care, cost, and options. There’s no better time to improve your smile, so call today or request an appointment online.

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