What to Expect During Your First Orthodontic Consultation

Lively & Napoli Orthodontics offers a free consultation as you begin your teeth realignment journey! We dedicate these appointments to help you determine what work needs to be accomplished and help you understand how it can be done. Straightening your teeth is a commitment, so we offer the time to get to know our practice so you can begin treatment with us confidently. Keep reading to learn more about what to expect during your first orthodontic consultation!

Welcome To Our Practice!

Upon walking into our practice, the friendly Lively & Napoli Orthodontics team will offer you a warm welcome! We strive to make our patients feel comfortable as they begin their time with us. One of our front desk staff will give you a tour of our office to help you get to know the people behind your care and the advanced technology we work with. You also get to meet our expert orthodontists!

Meet Our Expert Orthodontists

With decades of experience in private practice, Dr. Lively is a dedicated orthodontist who strives to create a comfortable environment for his patients and make straightening your teeth a positive experience to remember! You can count on him to take the time to answer all of your questions and walk you through each step of the process.

Dr. Napoli joined our practice last May and has been practicing since 2017, serving over 2,000 patients. He strongly believes in the importance of fixing malocclusion issues and helping reignite each patient’s self-confidence. He spends time learning about everyone’s needs and how treatment can help improve their life.

Learning More About Your Teeth

Thorough Oral Examination

When you sit in the treatment chair, Dr. Lively or Dr. Napoli will examine your teeth and gums first. This initial look into what issues may be present helps us understand how we can begin to help your teeth move in the right direction and whether they need additional assistance in certain areas more than others. 

Scanning Your Teeth

Thanks to the latest advancements, we utilize the power of the iTero Element Scanner. This intraoral scanner creates a highly accurate digital model of where your teeth are established in your gums. We will slowly glide a small handheld wand across your teeth, and you can see your teeth appear on the screen in minutes. These new scans elevate our precision and allow us to make more comfortable and better-fitting appliances for you throughout treatment.

Taking An X-Ray

If you have a recent X-ray taken within the past six months, we welcome you to bring it in. Otherwise, should we decide you need an x-ray to learn more about your teeth, our treatment coordinator will help you prepare to capture the images.

The many advancements in digital teeth imaging have helped this procedure take no more than five minutes. This scan allows us to access information on your tooth alignment and development that we cannot see with our eyes and helps us determine the best placement for your future appliance to ensure efficient results.

What to Expect During Your First Orthodontic Consultation

Determining Your Diagnosis

Our team will consider your oral examination, digital impression, x-ray, and medical and dental history as we prepare your customized treatment plan. After reviewing all your materials, Dr. Lively or Dr. Napoli will explain your diagnosis and what we can do to help.

Overview of Treatment Options

Lively & Napoli Orthodontics is proud to offer many treatment options. Our team will help you determine which treatment best suits your orthodontic needs and lifestyle. We provide modern metal and clear ceramic braces as well as Invisalign, each providing the same level of care through different means and timelines. 

Clear braces and Invisalign hold aesthetic appeal if you are looking for discreet options, while you can rely on modern metal braces to solve just about any malocclusion issue. We will help you decide if now is the right time to start and if there is any reason to temporarily hold off on treatment, like dealing with present cavities or similar dental issues.

Financial Plans

We strongly believe that each patient should be given the opportunity to realign their teeth without worrying about the procedure’s financial aspect. Our financial coordinator will take the time to walk you through a breakdown of your costs, your payment plan options, and the role your dental insurance plays. 

Our practice offers options through our office and third-party services, depending on what suits you and your budget best. We will also file insurance claims to help you obtain the best deal possible!

We Provide Same-Day Treatment

Our team values the time you set aside to come into your free consultation. If you feel ready to begin your treatment right after your initial visit, Lively & Napoli Orthodontics is ready to start you on your journey the same day! We will help prepare you for your first week in your appliance and ensure you have all the materials you need for success. Our team is here to make your experience as simple and comfortable as possible, so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions that come to mind during the placement process or later at home.

Answering Your Questions

We know that beginning orthodontic treatment is a big decision, and understanding how the process works is vital. Everyone at our practice is dedicated to ensuring each patient feels ready to begin treatment before proceeding. 

We will take as much time as needed to answer questions about your unique care plan and anything else you are curious about. Your understanding and involvement are just as important as ours so that you can feel a part of your treatment. We are just a phone call away if you think of something while out of the treatment chair!

What to Expect During Your First Orthodontic Consultation
Patient With Perfect White Teeth is Smiling After Dental Treatment in a Dentist Office With Medical Equipment in the Background. She is Satisfied with Visiting the Dentist. She is Showing Thumbs Up While Sitting in the Dentist’s Chair.

Start Treatment With Us Today!

At Lively & Napoli Orthodontics, we aim to provide effective treatment and a positive experience to help you obtain your brand-new smile! When you come in for your free consultation, our team will take the necessary time to ensure you are confident in your appointment with us. Our practice is centrally located in Stuart and is ready to take on new patients! Contact us to schedule your free consultation today!