What Types of Bite Issues Can Braces Fix?

If you suffer from bite issues but aren’t sure where to turn for treatment, you’ve landed on the perfect blog! At Lively & Napoli Orthodontics, we provide care for patients looking to realign their smile with braces and achieve the aesthetics they are after. Our team will cover what bite issues are and explain each type, braces options that are able to fix them, and the importance of proactive treatment for your long-term oral health.

What are Bite Issues?

A patient’s bite refers to how their upper and lower teeth connect when closing their mouth. Ideally, they should perfectly fit together with your upper teeth just resting below the lower half. However, a bad bite is when your teeth are misaligned from this position in some capacity, preventing them from performing their function effectively. Also known as malocclusion, everyone has it to some degree, but severe cases can cause everyday issues and necessitate care.

How Are They Caused?

Bite issues can be caused by several reasons, one being early childhood habits like prolonged thumb-sucking, pacifier use, and tongue thrusting. These repeated actions can cause an unnatural strain on their natural alignment. Genetics can also influence malocclusion as an inherited trait from close family members due to facial development.

If you endure a traumatic blow to your teeth or jaw area, there is a risk of teeth misalignment and jawbone displacement. It is essential you address bite issues as soon as they arise, whether that be as a child or as an adult, so that we can rely on the least invasive procedures as much as possible. Dr. Lively and Dr. Napoli can diagnose your oral issue and provide an effective treatment that can resolve it. 

What Complications Can Arise?

There are complications to be wary of when you suffer from a bite issue, including the position of your teeth, as it causes speech difficulties due to your tongue resting in the wrong place. The teeth grinding can cause jaw pain and everyday wear and tear. Similarly, uneven pressure across your mouth can result in indigestion and discomfort from chewing. Bite issues can also affect the overall appearance of your face and discourage you from smiling in public. 

Common Types of Bite Issues

Our team can diagnose which of the six primary bite issues you are dealing with after an oral examination and reviewing x-rays during your free consultation. Each is slightly different in its position, and understanding exactly which you suffer from helps us determine which orthodontic appliance will provide the best remedy and which teeth to focus on or move first. 

What Kind of Bite Issue Do You Have?

An overbite is when your upper front teeth overlap with your lower front teeth, leading to bruxism or grinding of the teeth. Extreme cases of this are called deep bites. An underbite is the opposite; the lower front teeth settle past the upper teeth, causing an aesthetic imbalance. A crossbite is when just a few upper teeth are hidden behind the lower row, leading to wear and tear. 

You may have an open bite if your upper and lower teeth do not touch when your mouth is closed, resulting in speech difficulty or interfering with your smile’s appearance. Crowding is the final major type of malocclusion. This is when there is simply insufficient space for all your teeth to fit correctly, sometimes causing rotated teeth.

What Types of Bite Issues Can Braces Fix?

Braces Available For Treatment

At Lively & Napoli Orthodontics, our team is proud to provide many treatment options for our patients so they can find the most effective route for their case. We offer both metal and clear braces. Occasionally, we may need to remove a tooth or two in cases of overcrowding to allow your teeth the space to grow properly, but we leave this as a final option only if necessary.

Modern Metal Braces

Modern metal braces continue to advance and be a long-trusted option among our patients. They can reliably fix the most complicated bite issues and help you promptly reach your smile goals. Made of brackets and wires, this appliance places constant pressure on your teeth to shift them in the right direction until they reach ideal alignment. They are now smaller than ever, so you don’t have to worry about walking around with a bulky appliance.

Clear Braces

For those looking to undergo treatment with an aesthetic appeal, clear braces may be the perfect choice for you. Clear braces use tooth-colored ceramic brackets that are very comfortable and don’t irritate the inside of your mouth. They use the same technology as their metal counterpart, shifting teeth in the same manner. This appliance is available for both teens and adults. During your free consultation, you can ask Dr. Lively or Dr. Napoli if clear braces are suitable for your case.

The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Pursuing straightened teeth provides patients with both health and aesthetic benefits that last a lifetime. Thanks to a better-functioning bite and simpler chewing, you can break down your meal into the bite-sized pieces necessary for smooth digestion. This way, your stomach and intestine don’t have to overwork, and you can avoid potential stomachaches after meals. 

Realigning your bite also eliminates hard-to-reach areas, providing more straightforward daily oral care maintenance. Consistent cleanings also offer more protection against issues such as tooth decay, layers of plaque, and bacteria. Many patients also enjoy a boost in their confidence due to the amazing new appearance of their smile! Gone are the days of hiding your grin in public; you’ll be eager to show it to your friends and family!

What Types of Bite Issues Can Braces Fix?

Protect Your Future Oral Health!

Lively & Napoli Orthodontics can bring you closer to solving your bite issues through expert diagnosis and effective treatment, no matter how severe they might be. We have the resources you can rely on and a friendly team to support you throughout the process. Our practice is based in Stuart, Florida, and provides comprehensive orthodontic services to nearby communities. Schedule your free consultation today to get started!